Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Loops Join Crochet Pattern

This blanket was made with loops join. Every square has loops around it and was joined that way, including the border around it!
Whether you have granny squares, or diagonal stitch etc, you can use loops join to join your squares.

PLEASE read through all the instructions BEFORE you start! You'll be glad you did!
Your last row will be loops and single crochet, so if your loops are going to be done in the same color as the last row you did, you can continue on to the loops. If your loops and single crochet row will be a different color than the last row you did, I would first do a single crochet row around of your loops color, then follow the loops directions. It will look neater.

Start your loops row in any corner.  Join with single crochet, chain 8, sc in same space, ch 8 again, sc in same space. Sc in next 3 stitches, ch 8, sc in same sp. Sc in next 3 stitches, ch 8, around. Every corner should have 2 loops. 
Here is a corner showing the 2 loops.

To join for a pillow, place the 2 sides wrong sides together. You can start to join them anywhere you like, but remember that where you start is where you will end. There will be one loop left at the end, so you need to choose if you want a button there, or a crochet bow, etc. I like to start on a corner, or the middle of a side. Matching the loops up in line from both sides, take one loop, and put it through the same one from the other side, then alternating sides all the way around, keep doing this....loop from bottom, loop from top, loop from bottom, loop from top........the reason there is 2 loops on corners is to give that extra pointyness on pillows. For afghans, the 2 loops on corners are very much needed. When you put an afghan together like this, you will lay all the squares out first, then loop join each row (east to west, then south to north) and each direction will use one of the 2 corner loops. When you come to the end of a row, put a marker or crochet needle or anything in the leftover loop so it don't get lost. When you go around doing the border, just work it in. If you crochet the border, crochet in the loop to lock it.

This is your finished look. 

I just did a quick crochet chain bow for this picture. :)

*Border Loops Join *If you would like to do the loops join for a border around an afghan, or tote bag, etc., you need to make the loops closer. I do this;

ch 8, sc in same space, sc in next 2 stitches, ch 8, sc in same space, sc in next 2 stitches. you could even do a loop every other stitch, depending how loose you want them to look when looped together. Do a few loops and hook them together to see how they look.

If you are making a blanket with loops join, and want loops to join for the border around, be sure to lay out your squares first in the exact order they will go together. Take the whole outer row (for border) and put them aside. This is so you remember to do ONE side of these squares (or two sides if a corner square) with Border Loop Join loops!